User Research Study

Intuit "Search Optimizer"

December 2010


We realized that our users, who typically have little understanding of the intricacies of online marketing, needed help with the search engine optimiziation (SEO) of their websites.

Concept Test

Thus, we conceived a potential product/feature called "Search Optimizer" that would continually scan the user's website as they were working on it and point out what they still needed to work on.

We created and tested two prototypes, as follows:

  • Overlay

    This version would display all the helpful hints we were offering in a dropdown menu, or overlay, accessible via a button to the top right of the editor.

    Play with Overlay Prototype

  • Pop-up

    This version was more proactive, and displayed small yellow "bubbles" over areas that needed attention. When the user clicked on the bubbles, a relevant pop-up would display next to it, informing the user of what needed to be done there.

    Play with Pop-up Prototype